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Bhagavan Sri Ramadutha Swamy, the incarnation of God, at a very tender age of 7 left Srisailam along with Sri Purandhareswara Swamy to perform intense meditation, Yoga & Tapsya (penance).At that age, he had met many Yogis and Saints. During his 1 and 1/2 years’ time of deep Tapsya in Mallakka caves at Srisailam... more »


So goes the history of the Holy place according to the Ancient lore that when Goddess Lakshmi was massaging the feet of the Lord Srimannarayan, the Lord graciously looked at the Goddess and signaled to her to ask for any boon which he was prepared to grant. more »


In this Ashram orphans are provided free boarding and lodging, education and health care. For the people of a number of surrounding villages, free medical camps.

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