About Swamiji

It is in the order of the Universe that it is generating, organizing and destroying principle of Supernatural Power. The divine power manifests itself in various forms from time to time to protect the virtuous, control the wicked and establish righteousness. The divine fish, Matsyavatara, divine turtle Kurmavatara, divine lion God Nrusimhavatara, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna are some of such incarnations of the lord on earth in Krita, Treta and Dwapara Yugas. In this Kali yuga the humanity is blessed with His incarnations as Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed, SripadaSrivallabha, Sai Baba of Shirdi, Satya Sai Baba of Puttaparthy and many more.

The sacred couple Sri Martati Lakshmi Narsayya and SmtRangamamba gave birth to Bhagavan Sri RamaduthaSwamy. Sri RamaduthaSwamy, in his journey in the spiritual path that started at the tender age of seven, had the proximity of many Yogis and Sages. He has been blessing one and all by liberating them from their worldly impediments for the last 30 years. He has been merciful to all who approach him for supervenient help.

Sri RamaduthaSwamy is a plain Avadhoota, manifestation of divine power.

Sri RamaduthaSwamy at the age of 7 went along with Sri PurandhareswaraSwamy to perform intense meditation, Yoga &Tapsya (penance). During his 1 and 1/2 years’ time of deep Tapsya in Mallakka caves at Srisailam, he had got the chance of being in the company of great Yogis like Sri Konda Swamy, Sri MrukhundaMaharshi, Sri KoushikSwamy and many others. Later at the age of 9, he went to Bhairavakona near Nellore A.P., where he had the darshan of ‘Sri VenugopalaSwamy’. He received the “Guru mantropadesha (initiation to Swamy tradition)” from him. After that, he did intense penance at Bhairavakona and Malakonda, A.P.. During this period, he had once again blessed with the company of another great yogi Sri NucchupotalaSiddhaiahSwamy. At the age of 11, he lived at Siddheswaramas the religious mendicant, along with Sri MrukhundaMaharshi and Sri SiddaiahSwamy. When he was 13, he left for the hill ranges in Goa first and thereafter for the Great Himalayas and continued his intense penance for 6 years.

At his master’s behest, Sri RamaduthaSwamy came out of his ascetic life to be a greater help to the common man. He is DattaAvadhutha and the present head of the “Siva Bilam (Siva cave)” established by the Great sage Sri Agastya. Sri RamaduthaSwamiji is the only yogi who is well versed with “Brahmanagari”, the Divine language.Swamiji is a tri-kaaldarsi, transcending the differences of Time. Swamiji helps people in overcoming undue suffering and preventing untimely deaths by eliminating DOSHAS (bad effects) of different planetary positions. Swamy has blessed the childless with children and cured the incurable and people seeking freedom from mental turmoil or blessed with peace of mind and total bliss.

Apart from the numerous ordinary people, High court and Supreme Court judges, Industrialists, many state and central Ministers, IAS and IPS officers, and even the scientists often known for their disbelief in spirituality and disinterested endeavor in their respective fields come and serve Sri Swamijito take shelter at the feet of His Holiness’. There are even Peethadhipatis or spiritual Gurus among the devotees of this manifestation of Sri RamaduthaSwamy.