Shri Ramadutha Swami Ashram is located in VenuDattaKshetra in Chevuru Village, GudlurMandalam, of Prakasam District in Andhra Pradesh. This is 11 to the North of Kavali in Nellore District and 61 to the South of Ongole Town in Prakasam District on National Highway No.5.In the bygone age of Krita Yuga this Holy Place was on a seashore and the sage ‘Bhrigu’ believed to have done his penance here for about 108 years. Subsequently in the age of Dwapara, it is said the Sage Agasthya performed 108 Yagnas with the result that a lot of spiritual power pervaded this hollowed land which could eradicate all kinds of diseases, sufferings and evils afflicting the mankind. Dattavaduta Sri RamaduthaSwamiji is the chief disciple of Sri VenuDattatreyaSwamiji belonging to the sacred lineage of the sage Agasthya. He is the head of the sacred cave known as ‘Siva Bilam’ and has endeared himself to the Goddess Sri Suvarnadattalakshmi and could invoke Her Holy presence.

This Holy place was identified by the Swamiji who established the Ashram with a view to help those who approached him with faith without any distinction of rich and poor in removing their troubles, and difficulties, curing their diseases by eliminating the bad effects of their past karma and in short bestowing on them health wealth and prosperity by guiding them on the right path. As a Great Master he is easily accessible and his whole effort is to secure peace, harmony and well-being to one and all.As ordained by the Goddess, Sri SuvarnadattalakshmiDampatyaVrataDikshas have been started in the Ashram in May 2003 so that the divine blessings are enjoyed by the whole mankind.

This VrataDiksha is a sort of man’s struggle with nature with husband as the charioteer and the spouse in the driving seat and ensures to the honest and faithful participants, physical and spiritual well-being, a boon of the goddess Sri Suvarnadattalakshmi. Sri RamaduthaSwamiji’s Ashram in this age is a wish fulfilling (Kalpavruksha) tree.It holds out a streak of hope in crucial times when all other hopes have dwindled. Number of people who are fortunate visited this Ashram and with the Grace of the Samiji got rid of intractable and chronic diseases and evil consequences of actions in past lives. The Swamiji has thrown open the gates of this Ashram to orphans, destitutes, and people suffering from diseases and old age without any distinction as to caste, creed, religion, nationality, sex, rich and poor.

In this Ashram orphans are provided free boarding and lodging, education and health care. For the people of a number of surrounding villages, free medical camps including eye camps are often conducted and medicines are supplied free of cost and even some minor operations are conducted then and there on the spot. Charitable activities like giving free food to all the visitors are regularly carried on.