In olden days, Jesus Christ healed the ailment of servant, in capernam(kana, Gelele)area without even touching him and now Swamiji is healing several ailments like chronic headaches, chronic skin... Read More »

Swamiji has been physically present at different places at the same time


I Met Swamiji Along with Smt. Prabhavathamma 2 months before the genral election for the State Aassembly in 2004. Swamiji told that time to make banners quoting that ‘Smt. Prabhavathamma is our... Read More »

Swamiji is incarnation of god who is available at a call


I have a habit of interacting with spiritual personalities like , Peethadhipathis, Swamijis, and gurus, With the blessings of Sri Ramaduthaswamyji. My wife got cured of her incessant headache... Read More »

Swamiji saved us from evil spirit


Swamiji saved us from evil spirit. My friend ignored Swamiji’s words and got married in his relation and is now suffering. Once Swamiji told our neighbour that she has to suffer the separation from... Read More »

Swamiji kept his thumb on her forehead


Swamiji cured the liver disease of my brother and protected him form evil spirits and extended his life span. His skin disease which was troubling him for 8 months was also cured by Swamiji. Swamiji... Read More »

Swamiji cured the boy from his eyes infection


I advised a couple in deep misery whose son was seriously suffering from a dreadful eye-infection (the boy’s eyes were dangerously reddish and were in real disaster of losing eyesight) to... Read More »

Sri Ramadutha Swamy is the centre of our universe now


Swamiji, who looks very simple, foretold us with his divine powers that death is stalking our family. My husband met with an accident which left him bleeding all over the body. He also had head... Read More »

My chronic headache disappeared just with his divine touch


I was tested positive for Hepatitis-B. As my fever was not under control, I underwent CT-guided needle Biopsy test of lungs, Cytogenic test, Repeat Bone marrow test and Tuberculosis treatment for my... Read More »

Hearing a divine voice continuously telling him-“Go to temple-complete everything”


My son was missing. After two months, on his birthday, we went to Ashram. Swamiji said-“It all happened due to evil spirits (Grahas). I will find out your child. Today you can go along with him.... Read More »

In The Photo Behind The Girl There Was A Faint Shadow Of A Hooded Cobra

In the photo behind the girl  

  I am 6 feet 2 inches tall. My wife used to get possessed with a Naga (Snake) spirit. She would have extraordinary strength that time and would lift me with her left hand and hit me... Read More »