Sri Venu Datha Suvarna Lakshmi Dampathya Vratahm

Sri Venu Datha Suvarna Lakshmi Dampathya  Vratahm

Saamdemdraneelachikuraam chaampeyakusumaprabhaam

Saradimduramyavadanaam varadaayinee mabhayadaam

Sragbhooshitaam jnaanadaam mahaarthasiddhaye sadaa

Suryendu vahninayanaam Souvarnalakshmeembhaje


The name of the goddess that the emperor of Avadhootas (an exalted title conferred on a very few rare souls upon achievement of many life-times of spiritual progress) Sri Venu Dathhatreyaswami had a darshan of is Sri Suvarna Lakshmi. She resides in ‘Goloka’, the eternal supreme abode of Lord Sri Krishna. She appears in the form of a 12 year old girl. By virtue of being constantly engaged with and immersed in the thoughts of Parabrahma she remained a celibate. With the blessings of Bhagawan Sri Ramadootha Swami who sets the path for Avadhootas Sri Suvarna Lakshmi has become a household deity being worshipped by all and spreading light and radiance. ‘Varna’s means Matrikas and the compilation of the very great and bright Varnas is the embodiment of the form of Goddess SuvarnaLakshmi. The term ‘Lakshmi’ has meaning like abundance, auspiciousness etc., The term Dathha denotes Sri Venu Dathha Swami while Sri Ramadootha Swami is a prophet.

Goddess Sri Suvarnadathha Lakshmi is a gold coin: On one side of the coin is Sri Venu Dathhatreya swami and the other side of the coin is Sri Ramadootha Swami. May those who visualize this correctly draw immense pleasure out of this secret!

The puja performed for Suvarnadathha Lakshmi goes by some other name called “Dampathya samvardhini Vratam” In terms of its efficacy to enhance compatibility between husband and wife, it has no parallel. Practicing the way of best married life leads to best possible offspring i.e., those who do good to the world. In those homes where this Vratam is performed there will be no untimely or premature deaths nor will there be a scope for infants and children getting affected at a young age. In cases where marriages are not performed at the right age, after this vratam is performed in their homes, they are blessed with the prospects of marriage and their homes get sparkled with the lights of marriage. Those who suffer from the misfortune of lack of offspring in their homes get blessed with children. Those who suffer from the lack of right means of livelihood will see their fate rewritten by getting salaried employment in the form of jobs or business. Those who find themselves entangled in long term battles in the courts of law with no solution in sight get blessed with right and favourable directions. Those who are desirous of making a mark in the field of politics are ending up victorious in elections. For those who find obstacles in their educational career, it is becoming possible to get the right encouragement and obtain good ranks in competitive examinations. For those who suffer from conditions of serious ill health, getting the bliss of good health is becoming damn easy.

Due to the ‘formless planets’ which are not envisaged even in astrology human lives are subject to countless misfortunes and suffer from several troubles and serious difficulties. When faced with such difficult circumstances, by performing ‘Sri Venu Dathha Suvarna Lakshmi Dampathya Vratam’ one gets rid of those tragedies and the ill-effects of the wicked planets and blessed with a happy life ahead. Thus, this famous and unique Vratam is turning out to be a panacea for all ills, fulfilling all the right wishes of the people who suffer from the vagaries of life.

This powerful  Dampathya vratham was prescribed by the great Rishi and the only Viswa guru, Bhagawan Sri Sri Sri Ramadootha Swami, who is the only living being on earth who has command over “Brahmanagari” language used by Siddhas, Khecharas and other celestial beings!!!

OM AIM HREEM SREEM KLEEM Sree Suvwarna Lakshmi devyai Namah!