Voice of Sadguru

Avadhutas have the power to control the movements of the five primal elements, namely, Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space(Sky) and can halt their functions. They are, in fact, the masters of these elements. Avadhutas belong to the lineage of Lord Dattatreya and are his different forms. They can change the rules of creation and can direct the human beings to tread the right path and are always in command of great powers. Avadhutas can remove all kinds of evil effects and look upon all beings equally without any differentiation. In their view a doctor who gives life, a shepherd, king or a beggar are all equal. They don’t look upon men as toys in the hands of fate but look upon them as embodiments of God. They are full of love and compassion for the poor.

Such Avadhutas are not recognized in the society and on the other hand they are looked down upon as fickle-minded, lunatic, weak and illiterate; with no ideas of cleanliness of body and their surroundings and are deserving of hatred. The reason is their own behaviour. They don’t generally give prominence to cleanliness of body, and their behaviour is in violation of scriptural injunctions. They radiate purity of the soul but they behave in that fashion so that no hindrance is caused to their Divine pursuits. They carry on with their work dedicating the power gained throng their penance to different regions thereby promoting human welfare.

Light Divine without name, form or duty is God. Aqua, marine life, reptiles, animals walking with legs and floating and flying in air, divine and demonish planets, evil spirits, village goddesses, speaking and non-speaking, walking and flying, with bodies and bodiless creatures are among the 84 lakhs of living species along with men. A human being has a unique place in this creation.

In the order of evolution a cell which is born and dies within a second gradually increases its life span to one minute, 10 minutes, 20 minutes and say ten years. When the living being attains the stage of living upto 10 years, soul is formed. After living as bacteria and insects, they evolve into animal life and thence looking forward to higher forms of life. The deathless soul keeps on struggling and when it deserves, it gets into life as a human being which means that after thousands of lives in the lower strata, precious human life is attained. The soul evolved after thousands of lives is nameless, formless and actionless form of truth. It becomes one with the life force and the heart formed of Divine light forming a subtle body over which there is a physical body resulting in precious human life. The struggle in the wheels of life and death starting from bacteria insects and other smaller forms of life culminates in achieving a human life. While the subtle body is in action mode in the physical body the heart and the life force are formless and invisible. Human life is intended to protect all life forms in creation.

The physical body which we see now is like a city with 72 nerve centers. There is no connection between the physical body and the soul. The soul is formed from thousands of lives and that is why characteristic traits of several earlier lives are seen in the present life also as a man exhibits them. Some people, even though they are not concerned in any manner, shout at the passers by ‘who are you and wherefrom’. This is characteristic of a dog’s life which he had gone through earlier. Similarly some people will be digging holes behind the back and this is characteristic of a pig’s life. These bodily traits have nothing to do with God.

God is nameless, formless and actionless Heart which is pure divine Light. The soul, life force, physical body and the subtle body have to bow before Heart. Man should be able to become a slave to it. When we go to a temple we shut our eyes to pray with the Heart. Heart is formless and so is God, Heart is divine light. But Heart which is God does not feel great and superior and always maintains an attitude of service. There is Heart in a man with form. So man is God, Man who is born to protect all the living beings on earth has to do penance and dedicate the fruits thereof to various species of life. Under the guidance of Heart, Man has to lead a truthful life and promote peace and harmony in all living beings. Man who can give Heart to Heartless living beings is great. A butcher and a guard of the graveyard, Rama and Krishna prophets like Christ and Mohammad, and Avadhutas are all Gods because of the Heart in them which is Divine Light. Man who follows his heart is praised as God’s own good man and earns a permanent place in the hearts of others. The formless, aspect of God can be known only by men who did a lot of penance and are endowed with divine knowledge Man who can expand the light of his heart by penance and give abundant love to all living beings is an embodiment of God. People who cannot see or perceive God lifting their hearts to the Supreme State by making efforts in that direction can see Gods in the form of these men who have a perfect control over the forces of Nature. Dattatreya, Rama, Krishna, Christ, Mohammad, Meher Baba, Shirdi Sai Baba, Peer Mohiddin. Venu Gopala Dattatreya Swami, Pokur Hussaini Tata, Golagamudi Venkaiah Swami, Mummidivaram Bala Yogi, Kasireddi Nayana, Sathya Sai Baba and a host of others are such great divine personalities.

All the five, namely, the soul, life force, subtle body, physical body and Heart are present only in a human body. There is no human being without these five. But man neglects the heart and simply following the soul i.e the mind ends up as a disembodied spirit. On the other hand, people who obeyed the commands of the heart are recognized as embodiments of God. So man has to become a slave to his heart and with compassion and charitable nature take to service of mankind, and give up all pride and indulging in violence and robbing others making others sub-servient to himself. In short, get rid of all negative qualities. The Heart has always the inclination to give and does not have the attitude of taking. When a man taking to meditation and penance develops the Light of his Heart and gives pure and complete love to all living beings, he becomes Lord of Nature, an Avadhuta and an embodiment of God.

God (Heart) is brilliant Light. The living beings have not risen from darkness but originated from the five primal elements formed out of Divine Light. From the Light Divine, water, earth, the principle of sound (sky) and air have generated and living beings have evolved out of these. As already started a living cell caught in the wheels of life and death transforms into a living being with name form and activity and evolves into a being with a life span of at least 10 years and finally develops a soul. Such a creature has the qualities of taking derived from the earth and the air. At that stage, due to the tendency of the mind, it simply eats anything that it comes across. In the living beings there are elements related to earth, water, air and sound which give rise to grabbing and other negativities. But Man has, in addition, Heart. God without trusting the mind has installed His Light in the form of Heart in man.

God has created the human body with a brain over it. In other living beings it is parallel to the body. Divine light flows into the brain. The Divine power in the form of ‘Omkara’ is concentrated in the centre between the eyebrows. God has kept the six qualities namely desire, anger, misery, lust, pride and jealousy and the organs of Intelligence, namely, sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste and the Heart nearer to the brain. Man has to utilize the formless Divine light to protect and promote peace and harmony of the living beings. The mind life force, subtle body and the physical body which have the quality of taking have less power. In contrast the Heart which has the quality of giving is very powerful. Man who is intended to be the protector of Nature can achieve this to some extent. To perform one’s duty uninterruptedly from generation to generation, man has established the institution of marriage to carry on the life. To give peace and succour to the crying souls and for this purpose invest a man with control and authority over nature, God says ‘I am coming unto you’ and enters into a man in the form of ‘Heart’.

An idol is installed in a temple signifying that a man should stand like a rock with a positive determination. Rain, or fire, abuse or adoration or a sanctimonious bath given to it are all the same to that idol. Man has to develop such an attitude. When man develops such positive attitude God gives him the necessary power. Then Man becomes Lord of nature and becomes more powerful than terrible tempests and frightening fires.

If men recognize the Heart (Divine Light) within and try to promote the inner divinity such an effort reduces the troubles and the hardship and nature gives two rains every month and abundant food and peace and tranquility prevail.

Every one should travel in the path of Dharma, adhere to truth and be always anxious to do justice to others. Self-styled devotees of Gods so recognized in society should do service to humanity and should not make others serve them. People who expect others to serve them are no less than thieves and robbers. People who have spirit of service, pure love, dispassion and treat everybody as equal without causing any pain to others earn universal respect and are God’s heirs. Jesus Christ who washed the feet of his disciple, Prophet Mohammed Meher Baba, Shirdi Sai Baba, Peer Mohiddin, Trilingeswara Swami, Devaria baba, Venu Gopala Dattatreya Swami, Pokoor Hussain Tata, Golagamudi Venkaiah Swami, Mummidivaram Balayogi, Kasinayana, Sathya Sai Baba and others belong to that category. It is in their nature to serve every living being. Such a servant is God, Guru, Master the Great. But man forgetting his own Heart, falls into delusion becoming a prey to mental impulses, making others to serve and satisfy his needs thus changing into a demon.

Avadhutas do not follow the mind and act according to the dictates of the impulsive heart. They are embodiments of God. Though they may not have worldly education, following the path of the Heart with a tremendous will, there is nothing that they cannot accomplish. That is why Avadhutas can show a solution in any situation, however complex and critical, in an instant which appears to be a miracle to others.

In God’s view ethics, justice and peace, there are no forms castes, religions and Vedas. These castes and religions have been established by man who has become proud, mean and selfish. God’s power is always ready to serve at the feet of all the 84 lakhs of species of creation. There are no temples and Vedas in Divine philosophy. Mind always tries to make a man behave like an animal who cannot see the Light Divine. To turn the animal tendencies of a man towards the Divine, the temples and Prayer Houses stand as beacon lights. But, in fact, there are no Vedas and temples in the eye of the Lord.

There is no liberation or salvation in particular, If a man attains complete and perfect peace for himself and can radiate such peace to people who approach him and make them feel so, that is liberation. Salvation is a kind of perfection which nobody has attained so far. Only if all the living beings attain such perfection such a salvation is possible. If salvation comes, it should be universal to all, Live-Samadhi (taking Samadhi in a living State) is an effort and not perfection. In Samadhi the body and mind are arrested, and becoming a slave to the Heart, saints carryon their spiritual practice in a deep and profound state. They dedicate the spiritual power earned in a day each year for the good of mankind. That is a festival day and it is celebrated in all pilgrimage centers with pomp and greatness. People born for the first time in the creation have no rebirth. After the formation of a soul, and on taking a human form, if a person follows the dictates of the Heart, such a person will become a manifestation of the divine. If a soul takes birth as a human being after leading an animal life it will take three or four good life spans to understand divine aspects. A man who has only superficial devotion, pomp and show engages in undesirable activities with followers and henchmen riding over others, thinking himself great and unparalleled, making others praise him so, indulges in feasts, being indifferent to the hunger and thirst of others and insulting others ends up, only as a disembodied spirit. On the other hand, if a man who has no profit motive and follows the path of Dharma in mind, body and action helps others to the best of his abilities in getting rid of their troubles and sorrows and does service to helpless people, physically disabled and mentally retarded, the life of such a person shines as the noblest.

Wrecklessness and ceaseless indulgence in sex are not only harmful but makes the life of such a person meaningless. Duty bound and answerable to God for creating progeny and to have a heir for continuation of his lineage only, one has to engage in sex but one should not fall into that quagmire. After the birth of a heir he should be trained in the path of Dharma and in pursuance of his own Dharma and for the good of the world, man has to take to meditation and penance. Treading on this right path man recognizes God in his heart.
Man has to give up desires and root them out completely. After doing so, taking care of his health and family, and developing noble qualities he should become a spiritual aspirant and lead a meaningful life.

God is not in the form of stones or idols. The entire nature is filled with God. Man who is to protect all the living beings has to be wise and truthful. Avadhutas appear as human beings to establish truth. Developing faith in them, human beings take to the path of Truth.

Fate is subject to change, it cannot be erased altogether and has to be experienced. One need not hesitate to seek divine help to keep oneself alive. Divine help is to be sought only when the burden becomes unbearable. Suppose a man has the capacity to carry 100 kgs and he struggles under a weight of 110 kgs. Even though Avadhutas can relieve him of the entire weight of 110 kgs, only to remove the additional burden of 10 kgs will meet the requirements of justice. Each is responsible to his or her own fate. Starting to listen to the inner voice of the heart, man has to exhaust the remainder of his fate.

Divinity is not the monopoly of a particular caste or religion. To determine the eligibility to occupy a particular seat of authority on the basis of caste is not at all Divinity. The so called heads of monasteries or particular religious groups may be erudite scholars but cannot lead people on the path of Divinity. Only Avadhutas who are pure and perfect in every respect can control nature and correct its defects whenever necessary. They are the Great Masters who can lead people on the path of Divinity. Endowed with enormous powers due to severe penance Avadhutas, following the dictates of their Hearts as a slave and ever expanding the light of their Hearts, view the entire humanity with equanimity and give them pure love. Only a man who has accumulated merit in his past lives comes across Avadhutas in his present life. The great Master’s drag such people in an invisible way towards them and make them tread the right path without falling into ditches and pitfalls. Faith is great. A man who totally surrenders wholeheartedly at the feet of his Master as his sole refuge will receive the Master’s grace. A true disciple should behave like a faithful servant and should absorb the essence of spiritual knowledge resulting from his experiences at the feet of his Master. Unless the Master and the disciple have the right knowledge there cannot be perfect comprehension. If an aspirant has immense and unquestioning faith and limitless spirit of service, the Master makes him cross the ocean of life and death. A man has to learn meditation and penance at the feet of the Avadhutas.

Truth is brilliant like fire, Light is happiness which means completeness, perfection. Completeness or perfection means that nothing else is wanting. Fire gives us Light which makes us happy but if we touch the fire it burns us. Experiencing all kinds of troubles and hardships one should get burnt in the fire of truth quietly emerging as Light Divine. Living in nature, one should experience all kinds of troubles and hardships, giving up jealousy and following the path of Truth. After eschewing untruth and taking to the path of truth evil should be rooted out. If truth is adhered to, life becomes brilliant. If attachment and hatred are given up Love pours in. Evil develops in mind due to bad thoughts and it leads to degradation. Thoughts arise in mind inflaming the desires which lead to evil and man is prevented from becoming Godly. Thoughts arising out of jealousy are evil. In 84 lakhs of species in creation, there are only 12 planets which dominate the human lives and because of evils cause in men tendencies of theft, debauchery, murder, untruth, pride, injustice and other mean and despicable qualities, Desires arise in mind giving scope to the evil planets to play a dominant role in the life of man inducing him to indulge in all kinds of evil actions. The body has to carry the burden of fate. When this body has to be shed, only the life force and heart will exit but the subtle body and mind remain. The soul assumes a vaporous form and enters into the divine Light. The body carries the burden of fate, Eradication of evil fate, has nothing to do with divinity. The fate has to be suffered but by bestowing spiritual power the fate can be resolved. By conducting sacred, sacrificial fire with the personal efforts of the people suffering the evil consequences of the past actions, in the presence of saintly souls, divine power could be developed, suffering could be minimized and peace could prevail.

Fate is of three kinds, firstly Individual fate acquired due to actions in the present life, family fate, haunting the family from ancient times and fate which is the result of past actions in previous lives brought forward from the earlier life. We have to carry not only the burden of individual fate but also the fate of the family in which we are born, that is the fate which is the result of actions performed by our ancestors over thousands of years, which is in seed form. The same, planets continue to haunt us. That is why for no fault of his and even though there is nothing wrong according to his horoscope, a man suffers. A highly intelligent man cannot get a job, cannot get married everything gets delayed goes awry, hard hit financially and is caught in the web of difficulties. Only people who have great powers due to their penance can explain such things with their divine vision.

The results of actions in the present life and those carried forward from previous lives have to be suffered in the present state of mind. Performing (Yagnas) sacred fires and regularly doing penance have become practically impossible these days. Spending money justly earned by personal effort power can be created in the presence of Great souls who are adherents to Truth. With such power evil consequences of fate can be annulled and merit can be developed by which the evil planets are driven away. Each such planet will have energy many more times that of a man.

Evil and beneficial planets play their roles in our lives according to the actions performed by us in previous lives. So long as we do not take steps to get rid of our fate, we have to struggle in the grinding wheels of life and death. We have to do our duty sincerely and faithfully treading on the right path. Otherwise evil befalls us. Only a Great Master can come to our rescue and put us in the right track.

In our country a majority of the aspirants are engaged in their spiritual practices in Himalayas. There are eight directions to the planet earth, East and West, North and South, North-east and North-west, Southeast and South-west and each side is presided over by a letter in the alphabet and a symbolic animal as shown below.

North – Ya – elephant
North East – Sa – Hare
East Ab.
Ta Ab North-west Ka – Cat
South – Cha – Lion
South-west -Ta – Dog
West – Tha – Serpent
Ta Cha ka North-west – Pa – Rat

These respective animals exercise their authority over those regions.

For example, Elephant presides over the North of this country, Elephant is pure and peace-loving with less desires. That is why the aspirants prefer to do their spiritual practices in Himalayas.

Lion presides over the south. According to its qualities, penance is not possible there. Great sages who acquired an immense power by their penance with a view to change the nature and power of the earth invested their power in certain places in this region enhancing the powers of the earth making those places suitable for penance. Great sages like Agasthya, Bhrigu and others have invested their power in Siva Bilam, Chevuru and other places. Likewise Mantralayam, Badvel, Siddheswaram, Jyothi, Bhairavakona, Redhills of Goa, Venu Datta Kshetra and other places have become sacred and divine places because of the power given to them by great sages. In these places certain powerful veins were created beneath the earth.

There are various wheels which move man and various veins which pull a man aside. A mantra which is a sacred syllable increases the power of concentration in man and enhances his level. Men having the qualities of dispassion, truthfulness and character deserve to be the protectors of living beings. The sacred instruction of the Master (Guru Mantropadesa) eliminates all kinds of hankering and anxiety and ensures perfect peace of mind. God (Divine Light) is the Master of Masters. If the spiritual practice is on the right lines, the Divine Knowledge dawns on merely pronouncing the sacred syllable.

The womb of a woman is a temple. Woman is the Supreme primordial Energy personified. A human being takes shape in the womb of a woman. Woman sustains nature. A woman who is truthful, dutiful, pure in body and mind who has compassion, nobility and charitable disposition, firmness and single-mindedness gives birth to great people, who can do good to the world and uplift the humanity. The children thus born learn their first lessons from the mother who shapes their character by teaching all the good qualities and the right kind of behaviour, as they grow up. They are fit to lead nature and establish the rule of truth and Justice.

As a woman gives birth to a man and brings him up, she should not stray away from the right path. Just as fuel is required to drive a car, single-mindedness, character, truth and helping nature are necessary to run the wheels of time and nature. Then there will be plenty of rain and abundance of crop. This is the way to avoid earthquakes and other catastrophies and to establish the rein of peace and truth on earth. This has to come from a woman because woman is the embodiment of supreme primordial energy.

Women today have become psychological wrecks giving rise to all kinds of problems. Earthquakes, typhoons and various kinds of diseases and untimely deaths are taking place because men have equally become moral wrecks and weak and unmanly, behaving like dogs, without peace of mind.

A woman is like the lock of the house and man is the key. The key moves around the world as it can be easily carried. If in the same way a lock also wanders, the house is completely burgled and respect is lost. It is the woman, who protects the husband, brings up a child, earns respect or makes respect lost. Woman is responsible for the smooth conduct of nature. If a boy of right conduct and good behaviour is to take birth, the woman who is to give birth should first have good conduct and pure character. Uprightness of character is greater than fire and truth.

From the time of birth, living with uprightness and giving good progeny after marriage is the duty of a woman. An upright woman only can give birth to upright children. Women of pure character are the celestial trees protecting nature and can give boon to the entire mankind. Character has nothing to do with caste, religion or region. Such a woman teaches her offspring how to protect and sustain Nature. She inculcates in her children good qualities of Truth, good conduct and character, helping nature, compassion and charitable disposition and promotes family, bodily and psychological health. She should mould her daughters also in the same way. Desires have to be given up completely and after giving birth to children she has to turn her mind towards God.

A woman is capable of giving birth even to Gods, Divine beings. She has acquired this capacity by exemplary character and absolute purity in mind and body. The entire nature is accessible to them. On the other hand characterless women give birth to men of bad and despicable character who cause a great harm to society. So, if the woman’s character is upright, nature flourishes in a way helpful to man, giving good rains and abundance of crops. If woman could stand firm without giving in for momentary bodily pleasures and mental aberrations, the world will be nice to live in. Woman has a great history as she could give birth to even Gods. If a woman loses her character and becomes a moral decrepit, her progeny will be worse and can cause immense harm to the world. A woman is not born to satiate her desires and derive pleasure but she is born to protect and save the world.

Charity of Food:

The greatest of charities is charity of providing food to the poor. By providing food to the poor and needy, consequences of evil actions done in past lives can be dissolved. A man feels satisfied and not wanting more only after taking food. The children of people engaged in charity of giving food to the poor and needy will be rid of all diseases. Their children will do well in their studies. There will be no poverty in their family, health-wise and also financially they become strong from year to year. They earn good name and fame and will be blessed by God to get a good opportunity to lead a peaceful life in their later days. People should constantly engage in the charity of providing food to the poor and needy without giving up at any stage.